Header of our spring 2022 lookbook, featuring dancer and performer Leonie Türke sitting on her couch in her Düsseldorf vintage-inspired apartment, captured by photographer Ygor Bahia.

Spring has sprung and it’s time for the 2nd edition of our lookbook series.

We’ve never been more convinced of our non-seasonal approach to shoe fashion. Right now, we can’t predict even the foreseeable future so we find comfort in wearing styles that will hold up for seasons to come. In this April '22 lookbook we are going for trusty and transitional with a pinch of cheer – Let’s zoom in on the loveliest messengers of spring! Nature is awakening and so is our desire for throw-on-and-go-on styles that take us from still a bit chilly to the first rays of sunshine and beyond.

For our April edition, Ygor Bahia photographed naturally graceful dancer and performer Leonie Türke in her Düsseldorf apartment – pairing our CEDOUBLÉ styles with transitional looks from her personal closet. Feels organic!

Dancer Leonie Türke is sitting on her white vintage couch in her apartment. She is resting her head on her legs, the reduced background decoration consits of a pile of magazines and an aloe vera plant. Leonie has dark, fringy hair and is wearing green velvet pants with a zebra print, a taupe-colored knitted crop top and green, chunky square-toe lug boots. Close-up picture of dancer Leonie Türke in her living room. Her crossed legs are in focus, she is wearing flowy, green velvet pants with a zebra print as well as chunky, green square-toe lug boots by CEDOUBLÉ.

Leonie Türke

is wearing the

Leilani Lug Boot

Captured by

Ygor Bahia

"On the last Sunday of February,
Leonie Türke tries on looks from her own closet and pairs them with shoes from CEDOUBLÉ. Her apartment in Düsseldorf provides the scenario as she appropriates the brand’s aesthetic into her style with an open and playful approach.
With light and uncomplicated looks suitable for different occasions and matching the day’s sunny weather, the dancer and performer comes up with ideas of how to incorporate the designs for the upcoming warmer months.

Leonie and I firstly got to know each other through a mutual friend of ours and work colleague of hers. The few times that we met since then, her eclectic sense of style always struck me – either expressed by her ever-changing hairstyles or her ability to go from playful to chic in her looks effortlessly, a skill made clear in these pictures.
Therefore, I thought she could be the ideal person to cover the range of possibilities offered by this selection of CEDOUBLÉ products.“

– Photographer and Stylist Ygor Bahia

Picture of dancer Leonie Türke standing on her urban rooftop in Düsseldorf, she is casually leaning against the railing, wearing a light blue seersucker culotte, a vintage wrap top in green, contrasting crew socks in cobalt blue and chunky brown leather monks.

Clarissa Chunky Clog
Captured by Ygor Bahia

Close-up picture of dancer Leonie Türke sitting in a vintage chair, she placed her left foot on the wooden table next to her. Her face and fringy hairline is only slighlty visible. She is wearing a slim fitted black top, a grey pleated skirt and fashionable black leather clogs with a buckle and contrasted, white seams.

„Leonies sense of style naturally translates into her apartment, providing the ideal background for the experience of creating these pictures: a Sunday afternoon intuitively pairing shoes that go from sandals to boots with pieces from her own closet. In some of the pictures, her background in dancing becomes apparent through her smooth posing. The look with the Clarissa Clog especially brings this elegance to the forefront. “

– Photographer and Stylist Ygor Bahia

Analogue photography of yellow and white daffodils and tulips in a glass vase, decorated on a wooden vintage table.
Spring Flowers Captured by Ygor Bahia

In this lookbook, we weren’t going for a hollering “Spring’s here, everyone”
but a fresh take on our non-seasonal, minimalistic designs that reflect a glimmer of hope and some joie de vivre. Boost your dopamine levels, put some spring in your step and enjoy our signature silhouettes in earthy hues and classic black.

Stay tuned for our next edition.

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