Your purchases will be packaged personally by us, Christina and Celina, as we ourselves cherish lovingly assembled packages. In addition, a final quality check will take place so that we can rest assured that everything is as it should be.

Simple yet effective: We do note waste materials and only use as much packaging as needed in order to keep your treasures safe and pretty. The materials that we use are 100% free of plastic. Yippee! Needless to say, all orders will be sent carbon neutral. Generally, we are set on making eco-conscious decisions and improving ourselves as we continue this journey.

Our shipping boxes serve their purpose, are sturdy, 100% recyclable and can be reused. To utilize minimal stuffing material, we’ve opted for a version with adjustable height. Our packing tape is made out of paper laminated with natural rubber. The packing peanuts are made out of biodegradable cornstarch. And while not particularly tasty, you could even eat them (Bon Appétit!). At least you may reuse them. Because of their S-shape, these non-dusty, odor-neutral packing peanuts get caught on one another, providing a better protection than other available alternatives.

Now we are approaching “the heart” of the package, your order. To keep your shoes in shape and the heels from scratching the uppers, we are stuffing them with unbleached tissue paper. Our lovely, upcycled Scrunchies are wrapped in tissue paper as well and these handy, soft packages sealed with a CEDOUBLÉ sticker (of course, this is vegan and recycled).

Additionally, your package contains two unbleached paper cards with eco-friendly printing. One informs about the appropriate care of your purchase. The other one states the components of, for example, your shoes. We are required by law to make this information readily available to our customers but wanted to stay away from plastic pictogram stickers on the products themselves. As a consequence, we’ve opted for this alternative instead.

And the best we’ve saved for last: No package comes without a personal, handwritten note – just like in the good old days.

We’ve decided not to ship in individual shoe boxes so you won’t have to dispose of them. For protection, we are delivering the goods in bags, handmade locally in Germany out of well-kept cotton and linen sheets as well as damask tablecloth. You may decide for yourself what to use these bags for. On the one hand, their original purpose is storing the shoes, of course. However, we can think of many further usage occasions. The bags are sealed with recycled cotton cords.

To top things off, here’s a little goodie for you: Especially for us, a local ceramic manufactory creates beautiful, durable pottery gift tags handmade from German clay. While these are decorated with a saying, we intentionally skipped using our branding CEDOUBLÉ. By that means we are hoping these tags will be passed on and re-gifted often, bringing joy to many people. (Ce)Doublé the love!

Most likely, you (will want to) unpack your packages faster than you can read all of the above. Therefore, in a nutshell: We believe in meaningful, purposeful, sensual packaging that makes people happy! C’EST CEDOUBLÉ.